Seas of Change Initiative

Background studies

Trends of agri-food commodities and the need to invest in inclusive markets

These background studies conducted by the Seas of Change Initiative explore how business, with the right support from government, donors, NGOs and research can scale up inclusive agri-food market development to ensure food security for 9 billion people and help to tackle poverty.

After highlighting the current trends in the main agrifood commodities in terms of production, trade and consumption, this study looks at current unbalances in supply and demand of food, focusing on the region most reliant on food import, Africa.

The study also answers the questions:

  • Which commodities exhibit the greatest growth potential in Africa?

  • Which agri-food commodities will remain dependent on large numbers of producers for the production base and which will be dominated by large-scale, industrialised agriculture?

  • Which is the rationale and incentive behind investing in inclusive markets?

The studies build on a review of successful experiences in the literature, on case studies received by SoC partners and on insights emerged from ongoing interviews with experts and key players in the sector.


Background Studies