Workshop report: towards a global agenda for inclusive agribusiness

On March 7 & 8 2017 some 35 experienced practitioners came together in Brighton, UK to consider how to learn more effectively from the wealth of work being done on inclusive agribusiness, and key points for a global research and learning agenda.

Six collaborative action priorities for taking the inclusive agribusiness agenda forward were agreed on. These areas would capitalise on work being done and both inform and stimulate responsible and worthwhile investments in time, energy and money in future inclusive agribusiness.

  1. Synthesis and meta-analysis of research done
  2. The business case of inclusive agribusiness cases.
  3. A big data approach to link and analyse relevant databases
  4. Supporting those who induce system change in inclusive agrimarkets
  5. More precise policy advice
  6. Better multi-stakeholder collaborations

All agreed this is substantive work that would greatly benefit efforts of individual businesses, farmer organisations, knowledge institutions and public actors. Such substance also requires real resources to make it possible for pro-active action on priorities agreed. It is an illusion to imagine that ad hoc connections of committed parties will lead to people working out these priorities in the margins of their on-going, very full workloads.

Read more in the workshop report here.