From islands of success to seas of change

This report summarises the findings from the first phase of the Seas of Change learning initiative on scaling inclusive agri-food markets. The initiative aims to improve understanding of how agri-food markets can contribute, at a significant scale, to food security and rural poverty reduction while still building profitable commercial relations.

In April 2012, the Seas of Change international learning workshop brought together 100 leaders from business, development organisations, government, farmers organisations and research for a dynamic and frank exchange of experiences, innovations and questions. A series of background research studies provided a rich backdrop for the discussions.

As this report captures, there are no silver bullets but a diversity of follow-up actions to accommodate the diversity and dynamics of the agri-food sector. Tailor made solutions are inevitable for individual businesses and specific commodities in different geographic and market contexts. This report (SOC2012report) outlines the issues that we must face in scaling inclusive agri-food markets and points in the direction of how progress can be made collectively towards sustainable and equitable food security.