Six theme papers on Inclusive Agribusiness

During a recent design workshop “Towards a Global Research and Learning Agenda for Inclusive Agribusiness”, participants considered what could be gained through more structured collaboration. Building on all the excellent work going on, what can be added to increase the depth of understanding and reach of findings?

For each of six themes short thought pieces were written to trigger thinking on key dimensions of each theme, as well as possible collective priorities. The authors are not wanting to provide a complete picture of each thematic area, but to inspire practitioners to identify possible collective needs. The themes selected do not cover the full breadth of work in inclusive agribusiness. They are important themes to work on to achieve the structural and systemic change many initiatives strive for.

The current selection includes (click on the theme to go to the pdf):

Each theme paper is written along similar lines, which makes comparison easier.

  • Summary of issues
  • Aspirational issues for a common agenda
  • Potential research and learning questions
    • Research questions – What is it that we don’t know, but we think is critical?
    • Learning questions – What do we know that isn’t being used effectively by those who would find it really helpful?
    • Potential priority areas
    • Ongoing work
    • Resources and previous work

Don’t see the issues and questions as prescriptive: they indicate the bandwidth of possibilities that could be worked with. Whatever structured collaborations emerge from this workshop and other interactions need to focus on work that complements much good work being done. Only then will there be a clear value-add in more coherent collaboration.