Leonardo Lima, Arcos Dorados

Arcos Dorados is the largest franchisee of McDonalds around the world. They manage around 2,000 restaurants, from Mexico to Argentina, including big countries like Brazil, Colombia, Venezuela and Chile. In this interview with Leonardo Lima we talk about Arcos Dorados’ perspective on sourcing from smallholder farmers.

“Big companies really need to look to buy from the smallholders. I’m not saying this only looking for the economic pillar, I’m saying this because we need also to look for the social and environmental pillar. Companies that are only looking for the economic pillars, from my perspective, will not survive in the markets.”

Click here for a short video about Arcos Dorados  Qorichara project in Peru, and here you can find a factsheet about the project: 1.-Qorichara-Quality-Vegetables-At-3000-Meters