Performance measurement

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Performance measurement is about assessing the
current status of a situation/indicator and tracking
change over time. The goal is to follow trends in key
indicators in cost-effective ways. PM approaches
are not meant to provide the in-depth information
needed to be able to attribute specific outcomes to
specific interventions. This would be done during an
evaluation process, however.

Monitoring and Evaluation (M&E) is the structural and
regular checking of the progress being made towards
pre-set goals. It involves monitoring change while
planned activities are being undertaken, identifying
the resulting outputs, and evaluating the processes
being followed. This process is typically done on a
quarterly, semi-annual, or sometimes an annual cycle.
Evaluations are usually carried out after two years or
more. They focus on the outcomes and, if work has
been going on long enough, possibly the impacts of

M&E systems indicate whether the planned activities
and processes directly lead to the hoped for results
(attribution). If properly designed, these systems are
also built into decision-making loops within a project/
program/partnership so that changes are made as


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