Bangladesh Milk


The project placed a strong emphasis on targeting the poorest. Participating poor families have raised their income significantly through higher prices and lower levels of milk spoilage. Output levels have also improved due to the provision of health services and input supply.

The IMO reported a steady increase in farm-gate prices in the range, of 170% over a five-year period in nominal terms; but this has not been verified because CLP’s interruption of funding has prevented GUK from assessing impact. In January-March 2010, 23,624 producers sold an average of just under 2 litres of milk per day to 249 milk collectors; 89% of the collectors sold the collected milk to local buyers, including sweet and tea shops and 11% sold it to commercial milk processing plants, including Milk Vita and BRAC Dairy. Participating households earned an average of USD 14 from milk sales during the quarter.