Bangladesh Livestock & dairy


The project, which initially started with about 3,275 beneficiaries, most of whom were involved in the sister project, now has 11,500 beneficiaries. Participation has lifted them over the poverty line with a stable income and financial security in the form of insured cattle wealth. In addition to the base price of milk, beneficiaries get 70% of the profits generated at the chilling centres, with GFLF receiving the remaining 30% to cover its own costs.

Impact on women and minorities

The majority of the beneficiaries involved in fisheries and livestock are women and minorities such as the Mahato, who have gained status in the community. Price transmission along the value chain. As seen in Table 1, the average farm-gate price received by milk producers amounts to an estimated 56% of the final retail price in the city.

Cost per beneficiary

With a total project cost of USD 3.0 million and a total of 11,500 beneficiaries, the cost per beneficiary works out to USD 261.