The Sustainable Food Lab’s Leadership Summit, 6-11 november, Arusha Tanzania

The Sustainable Food Lab’s Leadership Summit is a rare opportunity to connect with industry peers to learn more about critical issues in the food system. Participants come away with new partners and tools to support their efforts to drive sustainability in agricultural supply chains.

Core to the Annual Leadership Summit is a focus on building our individual and collective capacity to accelerate change across organizations, sectors, and regions.

At the Summit, we will get a closer look into the overall agricultural development future in East Africa, delving together into scenarios about how our food system can evolve in the face of rapid population growth, climate change, and volatile global markets.

The region offers the opportunity to learn from many innovative projects and partnerships. Topics will include:

  • Sector Governance
  • Inclusive business models for smallholder sourcing
  • Innovative service delivery models
  • Public-private partnerships including the Southern Agricultural Growth Corridor of Tanzania
  • Reducing food loss and waste
  • Climate smart agriculture

The Summit will begin with two-day Learning Journeys in the field. These journeys are opportunities for participants to learn together from a range of large and small farming systems and business leaders. The Food Lab has refined a learning journey methodology over the past dozen years, widely acclaimed and copied because participants consistently learn more together than would be possible individually.