Mozambique Poultry and eggs

4. Development Phases

As a newly established company (late 2012), MFE is still adapting the business model to the local conditions.
The out-layer scheme is anchored on three pillars:

  1. Growers must be located near the company’s premises (maximum 15 km). In addition, any candidate that aspires to join the company must comply with the following requirements:
    • Access to land ( being in possession of land title)
    • Access to water
    • Family members must be willing to help with the activity
    • Growers must show a contagious motivation.
  2. Every grower is provided with layers, equipment and some materials to build the chicken run. MFE will make daily visits to the farms.
  3. The financial model revolves around three variables: mortalities, lay percentage and feed consumption. Because the layers’ production cycle lasts between 52-56 weeks, MFE decided to launch the out-layer scheme with a sizeable number of growers (12) to monitor results and address problems more efficiently. One thing that illustrates the newness of the operation is that only one grower is nearing the cycle’s completion as of end 2013.