Mozambique Poultry and eggs

2. Company Background

August 2005 was the start of today’s most successful chicken operation in northern Mozambique, New Horizons. But while business laid the groundwork for growth, part owner and entrepreneur Andrew Cunningham mulled over other business ideas. Since the early stages of the broiler operation, he and his colleague Wilfred van der Kooi realized the potential market for table eggs in Mozambique. At the time, New Horizons was already producing layer chicks and animal feed for external companies.

After several meetings with relevant actors within the sector, New Horizons partnered with brothers, Bruce and Kim Dooyema, part owners of Center Fresh Egg Farm, a privately held chicken egg company in Iowa, USA. The brothers had learned about New Horizons’ interest in starting an egg operation in Mozambique, and as they are also committed to using business to combat poverty, an agreement was swiftly reached.

Shortly after, another partner, Eggs for Africa, joined the venture. The shareholding of the newly formed company, Mozambique Fresh Eggs (hereafter referred to as MFE), would be shaped as follows: Center Fresh Egg Farm, owning 50% of the new company. They would provide the capital needed to start the business. New Horizons, with a total share of 25%. They would be in charge of producing the layer chicks and feed. Eggs for Africa, with a total share of 25%. This company would commercialize the eggs produced

Value chain
As in the case of New Horizons, MFE has designed an out-layer model by which 12 small-scale farmers look after 500 specialized layer chicks for 55-60 weeks on average. Layers produce eggs (according to a laying curve), which are collected and transported to Eggs for Africa premises, the company that will market these eggs (in addition to the ones produced at their premises) in Nampula.