Seas of Change Initiative


Case study Egypt, land reclamation

– IFAD case. The project is considered one of the better integrated developmental poverty reduction oriented projects in the land..

Case study Tanzania, coffee

- IFAD case. Tanzania has the climate and altitude to produce specialty Arabica coffee that attracts premium world market prices...

Case study Senegal, tomatoes

– IFAD case. The agricultural sector, which contributed towards 20% of GDP in the ‘70s, has fallen to 5.7% in 2007. In the last..

Case study Sao Tome and Principe, cocoa

– IFAD case. This case is about cocoa in São Tome and Principe. São Tome and Principe was once one of the largest producers of..

Case study Kenya, livestock

 - SNV case. This case study shows how SNV in partnership with Samburu Integrated Development Programme (SIDEP), Kenya Livestock..

Case study Uganda, oil seed

– SNV case. This case shows how Mukwano Industries (U) Limited expands its business to becoming supplier of edible vegetable oil..

Case study Zimbabwe, seed multiplication

 - SNV case. This case describes Agriseeds (Pvt) Ltd, a medium sized seed company with ambitions to expand into one of the leading 3 seed..

Case study Zambia, rice

– SNV case. This case provides evidence that private sector companies are key in addressing issues of integrating the poor (who are..

Case study Ghana, cocoa

– Sustainable Food Lab case. This case describes the Ghana Fine Flavor Cocoa Initiative. Promoting exchange between farmers, the..

Case study Ethiopia, dried beans

– Sustainable Food Lab case. This case describes efforts of a partnership team in Ethiopia, where the team worked with approximately..

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