Building collaboration for learning in inclusive business

Towards a Global Research and Learning Agenda for Inclusive Agribusiness

Publication by Caroline Ashley from the Inclusive Agribusiness Alliance Workshop (March 7-11, 2017, IDS, Brighton, UK)

Over the past years many discussions and some key research have pointed to major gaps in inclusive business. For many leading actors in this field, it is essential to up our collective game. Hence the workshop on Inclusive Agribusiness at IDS in March, 2017 was to discuss how to collaborate more effectively on a knowledge agenda, including where to focus our attention, and whether there is a clear need and opportunity we can take hold of and make manifest.

This thought paper on ‘Building collaboration for learning in inclusive business’ aims to help you, the reader, clarify what you might need from collaboration. If an alliance is needed, what needs should it address?What form should it take? How would you like to see an alliance organized and run so that it works for you?

The ideas in the paper stem from a range of experience, supplemented by some good literature on what makes networks and learning alliances work, and some interviews with collaborative initiatives both in agriculture and beyond.

Download the paper here