5. Prepare for Company Visit

Learning objectives

By the end of the session, you will be able to:

  • identify the value chain for the companies to be visited
  • identify key issues in the sector where companies are operatin
  • identify potential competitors/strategies
  • ask questions that will help you evaluate the company in terms of performance and inclusiveness
  • implement an effective and efficient interview process.

Topic: Team roles during the interview process

Group members need to take on different roles during an interview: the lead person introducing the group, leading the interview process, thanking the others for their time, etc.; the interviewers (by groups of questions); observers (reflecting on the interview process) and note-takers, etc.

Group Assignment:

  • Describe the objective of the visit.
  • Review the business plan components and decide on the type of data on the company you would like to collect.
  • Develop an appropriate strategy for gathering data and information.
  • Distribute research tasks around the group.
  • Identify interview questions.
  • Present your findings (analysis and key questions).
  • Prepare for the interview process.